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Admission Process

(Admission Open For 2020-2021)

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Rules & Regulations

Important Instructions

  1. Candidates should read the broachers carefully before filling in the application form.
  2. One Passport size photo should be affixed on the application form and 4 passport size photographs separately attached with the application form without any attestation.
  3. Name of the candidate and the address to which communication to be sent should be stated in capital letters. Permanent address should be given for communication.
  4. Copy of Adhar Card should be submitted as address proof.
  5. All the documents mentioned in Section F of the application form should be duly submitted.
  6. No column of the application form should be left blank.
  7. Admission will be given subject to the eligibility of the candidate.

Refund of Fees

Fees once paid is not refundable for any reason whatsoever. Thereafter, no refund shall be entertained or payable.

Cancellation of Admission

KVAIBPA reserves its right to cancel the admission of a successful candidate under any of the following circumstances:

  1. In case the fee is not deposited by the stipulated date.
  2. In case the candidate fails to join a particular program by the stipulated date, after the fee has been paid.
  3. In case any student is found to be misbehaving or any other issue regarding discipline at any point of time.
  4. In case any student is found to be indulged, admission shall be cancelled and shall be expelled from the institute.
  5. No fees shall be refunded in such circumstances.

Right of Alteration/Modification

  • Management/University reserves its right to alter or modify subjects/curriculum of any of the program to attain the objective of excellence. KVAIBPA reserves its right to change the fee structure.
  • KVAIBPA reserves its right to modify, alter or include any other rules and regulations that may be deemed fit in the interest of college.


Any dispute pertaining to admission or any matter as a student of KVAIBPA shall be subjected to the jurisdiction of New Delhi.


All Demand drafts/cheques be made in the name of ……………..Any award of Certification will be subject to payment of fees & charges in full.

Limitation Clause

No dispute shall be raised after the expiry of 30 days from the date on which the process of admission and for selection is completed. All candidates shall be bound by the above mentioned rules and regulation of KVAIBPA.

Terms and Conditions for Placements

After the student successfully completes the program, there will be 3 interview opportunities provided to them across the sector. These interview opportunities shall be made available within 6 months of the student completing the program successfully. It is in the best interest of the student to prepare suitably during and after the program completion to appear adequately for the interviews.

Successful completion includes the following :

The student should have acquired the requisite academic grades - Min. 70% in the assessments & 85% attendance in their academic tenure.

  • The student should have had NO disciplinary actions suggested/ taken against him/her during his/ her academic stay at KVAIBPA.
  • The student should have completed all training/visits as part of the training to the designated places allocated suitably by KVAIBPA. The student should have had NO complaints against him/ her regarding the fee dues.
  • Default of even ONE installment shall disqualify the student for any interview opportunity and KVAIBPA shall have NO obligation towards this student for placement.
  • The student has NO right to suggest his/ her preference of an employer or a category of employers.