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Career Option After 10+2

(Admission Open For 2020-2021)

After 10+2??

Decide on the Career Goals that will Motivate and Reward You A personal note from KVAIBPA

Deciding what to do after 12th standard is one of the main decisions you will face in life. And it’s not one to rush into. Begin by asking yourself, “Do I need just a degree, or do I need to choose a professional education to get a better job – and start building a long-term, successful career?”

Usually, the higher your level of appropriate education, the more you can potentially earn in your career of choice. This holds true for career preparation from basic levels of certificates or diplomas, to Bachelor’s or even advanced degrees. And it applies to fields ranging from business to hospitality to service sector.

Paying for higher education can be a concern, but KA IHM can offer you educational options you might not find at other colleges or institutes. Our courses are designed to get you through institute and into a job as quickly as possible. Flexibility in course timings make it possible for you to work part-time or even full- time and still continue your studies. Best of all, KVAIBPA can offer excellent financial help options for those who qualify.

At KVAIBPA, you will find a friend who you can trust and discuss your specific future direction in your life. Our mission is ‘We Train you for Hospitality’.

How to Register @ KVAIBPA

We welcome your interest in pursuing your education at KVAIBPA. Our Counselors are prepared to meet with you and help you develop your personal plan for career success. To get started, simply follow these admissions guidelines.

Complete your new student application by:

  • Reaching us. Fill out the Enquiry form under the Counselling Request section. Once your information is received, one of our counselors will contact you to fix your personal interview. Or, simply call the Institute you are interested in attending and fix a personal interview.
  • Meeting for an interview with our counselor. You will also receive an Institute tour and meet with the Manager of the Institute.